Escape into an oasis of calm and serenity the moment you step into SUBANG PARKHOMES.

Once inside you are transported into an amazing eco-residence. The peaceful atmosphere here melts your cares away and evokes a restful and relaxing effect on you, taking your mind miles away from the stress of working in the city. The lush contemporary tropical landscaping here combines with the soothing sounds of trickling water adding to a Zen–like feel of this healthy and harmonious living space.

The main inspiration for SUBANG PARKHOMES is the fine characteristics of Serenity, Harmony and Simplicity.

Serenity outside your door step, allows you to unwind while taking a quiet stroll through the open spaces of lush greens dotted with tropical blooms while soothing water features relax the mind and soul. While harmony within your calm interior and communal spaces provides you the perfect venue for bonding with your loved ones while enjoying fun and relaxing activities designed to nurture the urban soul and foster a vibrant community. Simplicity of a clean streamlined design within and outside your home takes condominium living to a higher level. Spacious interiors feel light, uncluttered and elegant giving you a sense of pride .It’s what makes a house a home and gives you a true sense of belonging!

These unique characteristics combine seamlessly to create an eco-friendly and chic living space that keep you rooted to Mother Nature while still enjoying all your creature comforts.

So let us show you just how delightful SUBANG PARKHOMES can be for you and your family.